History of Earl Grey

Earl Charles Grey

While this tea is recognized around the world, few people know who Earl Grey actually is.

“Earl Grey” is a hereditary title of the British aristocracy. It was created in 1806, & the second person to hold that title was Charles Grey. He became Prime Minister of the UK in 1830, he oversaw the abolition of slavery across the British Empire, but his name is mostly remembered for the tea blend named after him.

On why it was named after him is shrouded in legend. There are conflicting stories, some claiming it was a gift from a Chinese Mandarin, while others state that it was a diplomatic perquisite. Irrespective of the “who or why”, the blend’s faithful following has withstood the test of time.

Fun fact: There is still an Earl Grey holding the title today- Philip Grey, the 7th Earl Grey, the great-great-grandson of Charles Grey.