About Us



We only sell premium-grade loose leaf teas. Our network of experienced and reputable international tea growers, brokers & manufacturers guarantee delivery of only the highest grade teas, including several rare teas for the connoisseur.

The best tea is the freshest tea. With our monthly tea import, you can be assured our teas are always fresh & full of flavour.


Our master blenders & tea sommeliers blend tea that adhere to Australian Food Standards- the strictest in the world.

All our teas are sampled, laboratory tested, & certified chemically free of arsenic, cyanide & pesticide residues before they leave the country of origin.

The certificates are prepared by an AQIS (Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) approved testing laboratory and presented to the AQIS when each tea shipment arrives in Australia.

Each organic tea shipment arrives in Australia with a certificate of compliance for organic production methods. This is issued by the controlling body responsible for monitoring tea production from the plantation or estate of origin.

To guarantee quality & traceability, all our teas are prepared & packed in Australia. 


There's a whole world of teas out there, and finding the right tea could be intimidating... so Teas & Tisanes was born.

We assist tea lovers with the process of understanding and enjoying the luxury of quality teas - from the different kinds of teas, steeping methods, and teaware.

We take the hassle out of sourcing tea by digging up the tea world to find the best teas from around the globe.

With our wide selection of teas & herbal tisanes, you are sure to find something for everyone & every occasion- whether you're raring to go in the morning, unwinding at the end of the day, or simply sharing good times with friends.

We also make our teas versatile, not by just having them as a hot drink, but mixing them up into adventurous, unique and intriguing blends- like tea cocktails, fresh iced teas, cold brews, latte's, and even smoothies!