White tea is difficult to obtain, and produced on a very limited scale in China and Sri Lanka.

It undergoes almost no transformation once harvested, it is merely withered and dried. The curled up buds have a silvery appearance and are also known as silver tips.  It has a very pale, straw colored liquid.

Pai Mu Tan or "White Peony" is the more affordable option, while Yin Zhen or "Silver Needles" is produced in a very limited quantity,  making it one of the most expensive teas around the world. It can be harvested for only two days in a year, and can be cancelled in windy or rainy conditions.

The subtle taste & bouquet of White tea requires an experienced palate, so before investing in white tea, novice tea drinkers should first train their palates with Oolong and Green Tea, especially those who enjoy a ""strong brew".