Indian teas are known for their dazzling variety. There are 3 main tea growing regions, Darjeeling, Assam, & Nilgiri.

  • Darjeeling teas, cultivated in the Himalayan foothills, have an incomparably fine aroma and are clearly the queen of Indian teas. They are fresh and light with a pale orange/brown liquor.
    Production depends on the gathering season. First flush (picking season) spring teas, eagerly awaited by connoisseurs, are light in colour with a muscat flavour. Second flush Darjeelings, more attractive to western palate, are picked from May to June and have more body and a ripe fruity taste. Darjeelings are best drunk in the afternoon without milk.
  • Assam teas, grown in the northeastern region, are dark and strong with a round spiced flavour, excellent morning drinking and a touch of milk can be added.
  • Nilgiri teas come from the southern India plateau and are stronger with less character.