In China, the homeland of tea, green tea is produced by thinly spreading the fresh leaves to dry on bamboo trays. Small amounts are then dried in hot, round roasting pans, to stop any fermentation. While still soft, the leaves are sometimes hand rolled into balls, roasted and dried.
Green Tea is taken at any time of day, and is popular for its refreshing and digestive properties and its good health properties including low caffeine, low sodium and no calories. Green tea is also popular for its high anti-oxidant content.

Yellow is the best liquid color for green tea. The quality of green tea is judged by its AROMA which should be complex, and the LENGTH OF TIME the taste remains in the mouth. The occasional BITTER note is highly prized, but if you prefer to avoid this nuance, quickly rinse the leaves before brewing.

All green teas are produced whole-leaf, whether flat, twisted, or rolled. Green tea is taken without milk or sugar.