You might be wondering why most Australian green teas have Japanese names. That is because the success of the Australian tea industry is a result of the collaboration between the two governments of Australia and Japan.

Back in the 90’s, Japanese scientists were dispatched to many parts of the world to find suitable agricultural land for the production of Japanese tea to meet its growing demand. Northeast Victoria was targeted because it is on the same latitude as Japan's premium green tea growing Shizuoka Prefecture. Additionally, since Australia is on the southern-hemisphere, seasons & production cycles are different compared to Japan. As a result, they can have fresh tea at two different times of the year.

Today there are over 20 tea farms across the country- in Tasmania (home to the most southerly tea garden in the world), Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, & northern Queensland with its World Heritage Daintree Rainforest, where tea is produced almost touching the Great Barrier Reef.